There is no more simulation in the noise there are
no more harmonic or non-harmonic overtone structures
there is
no body in the noise even if it is not simulated
even if it is simulated noise is a
resonance free medium it is not
created by resonating an analog materiality however
the uniqueness is the non-connection to a reality it is not
a simulacrum of anything real it is free of any form
of making it
is not an extension
of reality.

Matter as harmony as solidified sound compared to
the state before this primordial soup this uncontrolled
must be
noise the
cosmic background radiation
is not tuned harmony
means hardness means stare chaos means
infinite possibility the noise is infinite possibility
the noise is purest purest form of sound.

i have disappeared in the microscale i have no more
surface to look at the surface the result is something that only comes about through the microstructure that means everything we see is
only given on the basis of the functioning of the
molecules or atoms therefor
the aesthetics is no longer perceptible because
it has disappeared in the infinite
smallness and
in regard to this is …

bless the field,
gratitude to noise.

love, guenther auer 2021