Live Spacing

I play with real spaces. I play with the in-between of hard architecture and sound. I play with the possibilities of sound to change real spaces. I love twilight and I love how sounds bounce off walls in twilight, how sounds start to glow, how sounds shake gravity. I love it when deep basses push me through halls, clubs, basements, I love it when sound masses penetrate me from all sides and I reach for the sounds in the dark with my eyes wide open.

I love to space. I love to space live.

Turn off the light!
Be bodies!

1, 2, 4, 16, 32, 68, 92, you name it. Sound sources around me, next to me, above me, below me. Far away, very close. In real rooms with real sound.


Something buzzes in some distance in front of me from the darkness of the hall. Quiet, small, alone. It takes shape, becomes stronger, suddenly it is very close next to me, oscillates quickly from left to right for a while, then above me, becomes louder and speeds back to its place of origin. In the opposite direction, i.e. behind me, the same sound now, but a bit higher. The sounds rub against each other, buzzing in the air, disappearing into the silence of the hall, or into what comes in from outside, or into what is noise in the hall. Other sounds come in, play out at the perceptual edge, are in front of me, then behind me, very quietly, is that sound now or noise from the street, or rustles a jacket, then after quiet time, a furiosum suddenly from all sides, me in the midst of a mass that stands, that has spread through me, a bass that throws depths on my body. And there is more, beats start wildly from the most different sides, once here, then there, then behind, then again behind, then in front, a rhythm is stretched with a whole apparatus, through the hall, from everywhere and I stand in the middle of the beat, in the tempo thunderstorm. Sound blocks open up, move violently and faster and faster through the listeners, on the walls, on the floor, on the ceiling, the next layer, it gets even denser, my body exposed, listening as a whole, starts to move, moves through the noise, hits nodes, hits basses, my body now composes itself with its movement through the space. The sound set up so close that it begins to change the architecture, what the sound bounces off of are no longer the walls they were. The mass is hewn, pushed into corners, squeezed onto a speaker, chased through space, stopped – Live Spacing